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Business Coaching Testimonials

“… We have transformed our processes with the help of our Action Coach – Angus Lyon – through Coaching, understanding the values of Measuring and Testing, Time Management, focussing on Team and Leadership and Customer Relationships.  All of these have helped raise our motivation levels and helped focus our minds even more.for which I shall always be grateful.  
Without hesitation I recommend the services of Johnson Fellowes and continue to do so”  
Roger Saunders – Managing Director – Seasonal Transformations 
“I am extremely pleased to now be able to say that I have a business that I am in control of and no longer a business that runs me.  The work we have done on putting into place financial systems to control the finances of the business have enabled us to manage our cash flow and to be able to better forecast sales revenue, effectively enabling us to take action on managing cash in the business.  
I recommend you highly to anyone else looking to move their business forward.  
Charles Noyce – Director & Owner – CN Sales Recruitment
“… before you became my business coach, I felt that I was reaching a plateau in the growth of my business.  I was working very long hours, often to the detriment of my family life, just to bring new business in.  Something had to change and that’s when I approached you about business coaching.
… most importantly you’ve given me my family back.  Both my children enjoy reading with Daddy once again.
I feel much more in control than ever before.  Business decision really are much easier to make now that I know the underlying numbers and where the profitablity lies.  
… It felt incredible to hear my name called out as the winner of my category [in the Business Exellence Forum awards].”  
Gavin Thorn – Founder & Creative Director – Gavin Thorn Photography
“Originally I wanted to sell the business, I grew to hate it over time, but now I’m not so sure.  All I know is that, I want more time off – which Angus has helped me achieve.  For the first time in a long time I am about to take a two week holiday which is fantastic.  I’m leaving my manager in charge to run the business.
… I got stuck in a routine and Angus made me step back for a change to look at the business.” 
Hulya Irfan – Tender Trap Lingerie
“Angus is a great guy to work with, knowledgeable and efficient. You can count on him. In his professional capacity Angus has been extremely helpful.”
Peter Scargill – National IT Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses
“Angus Lyon is, perhaps, the “quickest study” person we have ever worked with. And he has a delightful sense of humour!”
Richard F.(Dick) Outcalt – Co-Founder, The Retail Owners Institute(R)


Angus Lyon – Testimonials from workshop


“Very real world – thank you!” ~ Andy Charnleybeal

“Very professional delivery, I was very inspired with all this content. Implementing just a few of these things will help my business grow” ~ Simon Griffith

“Knowing which way to look at things. Most enjoyable and inspiring.” ~ Denise Iverson

“Excellent to the point tips of what to do to grow your business and where to find help” ~ David Morrell, Director of Health Choice

“Angus has a very engaging and enthusiastic manner and explains how, with simple logical steps, you can grow your business. First Class.” ~ Nigel Panter

“I found Angus and Suzanne to be genuine, grounded and dynamic” ~ Roya Hamid,

“This workshop provided a great insight into how to manage workflow better and how to extract the best performance from staff” ~ Maurice Phillips, Partner Michael Stern & Co


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